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You can try pandoc online here.


To see the output created by each of the commands below, click on the name of the output file:

  1. HTML fragment:

    pandoc README -o example1.html
  2. Standalone HTML file:

    pandoc -s README -o example2.html
  3. HTML with smart quotes, table of contents, CSS, and custom footer:

    pandoc -s -S --toc -c pandoc.css -A footer.html README -o example3.html
  4. LaTeX:

    pandoc -s README -o example4.tex
  5. From LaTeX to markdown:

    pandoc -s example4.tex -o example5.text
  6. reStructuredText:

    pandoc -s -t rst --toc README -o example6.text
  7. Rich text format (RTF):

    pandoc -s README -o example7.rtf
  8. Beamer slide show:

    pandoc -t beamer SLIDES -o example8.pdf
  9. DocBook XML:

    pandoc -s -S -t docbook README -o example9.db

    Chunked XHTML via DocBook and xmlto:

    xmlto xhtml -m config.xsl example9.db -o example9/
  10. Man page:

    pandoc -s -t man -o example10.1
  11. ConTeXt:

    pandoc -s -t context README -o example11.tex
  12. Converting a web page to markdown:

    pandoc -s -r html -o example12.text
  13. From markdown to PDF:

    pandoc README --latex-engine=xelatex -o example13.pdf
  14. PDF with numbered sections and a custom LaTeX header:

    pandoc -N --template=mytemplate.tex --variable mainfont=Georgia --variable sansfont=Arial --variable monofont="Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" --variable fontsize=12pt --variable version=1.14 README --latex-engine=xelatex --toc -o example14.pdf
  1. A wiki program using Happstack and pandoc: gitit

  2. HTML slide shows:

    pandoc -s --mathml -i -t dzslides SLIDES -o example16a.html
    pandoc -s --webtex -i -t slidy SLIDES -o example16b.html
    pandoc -s --mathjax -i -t revealjs SLIDES -o example16d.html
  3. TeX math in HTML:

    pandoc math.text -s -o mathDefault.html
    pandoc math.text -s --mathml -o mathMathML.html
    pandoc math.text -s --webtex -o mathWebTeX.html
    pandoc math.text -s --mathjax -o mathMathJax.html
    pandoc math.text -s --latexmathml -o mathLaTeXMathML.html
  4. Syntax highlighting of delimited code blocks:

    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style pygments -o example18a.html
    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style kate -o example18b.html
    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style monochrome -o example18c.html
    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style espresso -o example18d.html
    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style haddock -o example18e.html
    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style tango -o example18f.html
    pandoc code.text -s --highlight-style zenburn -o example18g.html
  5. GNU Texinfo, converted to info, HTML, and PDF formats:

    pandoc README -s -o example19.texi
    makeinfo --no-validate --force example19.texi -o
    makeinfo --no-validate --force example19.texi --html -o example19
    texi2pdf example19.texi  # produces example19.pdf
  6. OpenDocument XML:

    pandoc README -s -t opendocument -o example20.xml
  7. ODT (OpenDocument Text, readable by OpenOffice):

    pandoc README -o example21.odt
  8. MediaWiki markup:

    pandoc -s -S -t mediawiki --toc README -o
  9. EPUB ebook:

    pandoc -S README -o README.epub
  10. Markdown citations:

    pandoc -s -S --biblio biblio.bib --csl chicago-author-date.csl CITATIONS -o example24a.html
    pandoc -s -S --biblio biblio.json --csl chicago-fullnote-bibliography.csl CITATIONS -o example24b.html
    pandoc -s -S --biblio biblio.yaml --csl ieee.csl CITATIONS -t man -o example24c.1
  11. Textile writer:

    pandoc -s -S README -t textile -o example25.textile
  12. Textile reader:

    pandoc -s -S example25.textile -f textile -t html -o example26.html
  13. Org-mode:

    pandoc -s -S README -o
  14. AsciiDoc:

    pandoc -s -S README -t asciidoc -o example28.txt
  15. Word docx:

    pandoc -s -S README -o example29.docx
  16. LaTeX math to docx:

    pandoc -s math.tex -o example30.docx
  17. DocBook to markdown:

    pandoc -f docbook -t markdown -s howto.xml -o example31.text
  18. MediaWiki to html5:

    pandoc -f mediawiki -t html5 -s -o example32.html
  19. Custom writer:

    pandoc -t sample.lua example33.text -o example33.html
  20. Docx with a reference docx:

    pandoc -S --reference-docx twocolumns.docx -o UsersGuide.docx README
  21. Docx to markdown, including math:

    pandoc -s example30.docx -t markdown -o
  22. EPUB to plain text:

    pandoc README.epub -t plain -o example36.text