Reporting bugs

Bug reports are welcome! Please report all bugs on pandoc’s github issue tracker. We are no longer using the googlecode issue tracker.


  1. Before you submit a bug report, search the (open and closed) issues to make sure the issue hasn’t come up before. Also, check the User’s Guide for anything relevant.

  2. Make sure you can reproduce the bug with the latest released version of pandoc, and preferably with the development version.

  3. Your report should give detailed instructions for how to reproduce the problem. A small test case (just a few lines) is ideal.

  4. If you’re making an enhancement request, lay out the rationale for the feature you’re requesting. Why would this feature be useful?

  5. If you’re not sure whether something is a bug, or want to discuss a potential new feature before putting in an enhancement request, pandoc-discuss is a good place to bring it up.

Submitting patches:

  1. Patches may be attached to issues or submitted to pandoc-discuss. Each patch should make one logical change.

  2. Please follow the existing stylistic conventions (e.g. for if-then formatting), and wrap code to 80 columns. Always include type signatures for top-level functions.

  3. Patches should be -Wall clean.

  4. If your patch is for a new writer or reader, please include test cases. (For a writer: tests/writer.NAME, tests/tables.NAME, and modify tests/RunTests.hs to run your tests).

  5. Before you put time into a nontrivial patch, it is worth discussing it on pandoc-discuss.