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Pandoc   a universal document converter

Pandoc Extras

This is a curated list of some of the most useful third-party software that extends pandoc’s capabilities. For a more complete list, see the Pandoc Extras wiki page.


  • PanWriter is a Markdown editor with live preview that can import and export using pandoc.
  • Pandoc Mac OS X Services allows you to invoke pandoc from any text editor with the opened file as input.

Editor support

CLI wrappers

  • panzer allows you to specify command-line options and styles in the Markdown file’s YAML metadata.
  • pandocomatic is similar to panzer but also provides support for converting directory trees.
  • panrun is a more minimalistic alternative to panzer and pandocomatic.

Editing/document changes

Charts and data

  • R Markdown allows you to process Markdown documents with integrated data and charts (integrates pandoc).
  • pandoc-plot allows you to integrate programatically generated plots generated by various tools.


  • zotxt is Zotero extension for working with pandoc

Numbering and cross-references

  • pandoc-crossref is a filter that adds support for figure, table, and equation numbers and cross-references.
  • pandoc-xnos is a suite of filters supporting numbering and cross-referencing figures, equations, tables, and sections.

Academic publishing workflows

  • Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system to make reproducible, production quality articles, presentations, websites, blogs, and books. It supports equations, citations, crossrefs, figure panels, callouts, advanced layout, etc.
  • Manubot is a workflow and set of tools for the next generation of scholarly publishing, including citation support and support for multiple output formats. It’s especially suited for papers with a very large set of authors.
  • pandoc-ext includes goodies such as putting the Abstract into a section, multiple bibliographies, support the Citation Typing Ontology (CiTO), etc.
  • Pandoc Scholar is a set of utilities to make publishing of scientific articles as simple and pleasant as possible. It simplifies setting authors’ metadata in YAML blocks, allows to add semantic annotation to citations, and only requires the programs pandoc and make. Please note that it is no longer maintained and refers to Quarto and pandoc-ext


Lua filters

(For a fuller list, see the lua-filters repository.)